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Watchdogs Of Whitesmith

Positive Reinforcement Training for your Dog



Watchdogs provides training, enrichment and behaviour modification using force-free scientifically proven methods.  We offer 1-2-1 Behaviour and Training Consultations, Working Walks and Group Classes.

All training is carried out in our secure field with on-site parking and toilet facilities available

Adele - Owner and Head Trainer

Adele started Watchdogs in Weybridge in 2014 offering day care boarding and training.  With a thirst for knowledge Adele attends regular workshops, seminars and pursues ongoing academic studies to further her knowledge and keep abreast of the developments in Canine research and Behavioural Science.


Relocating to East Sussex in 2017 to enable the growth and development of her training business, Adele is now able to share her passion with clients for all things Canine including her Gun Dog work, with on-site facilities to support.

Using only positive training methods to reinforce desired behaviours is fun, effective and a bonding experience for dog and handler; Adele has used these methods to train her 3 HPRs with great success.



Our classes aim to provide training sessions in a fun, friendly and inclusive way using only positive reinforcement. 

These classes are open to all breeds and combine multi-disciplinary training techniques to meet the emotional, social and cognitive needs for you and your dog.

Our workshops offer intensive training solutions to address the more challenging behaviours including Recall, Loose Lead Walking and Impulse Control

Group Classes and Workshops



These appointments are for those requiring a solution to a specific problem or behaviours which are challenging and in need of modification.  We help owners to understand the motivation behind behaviours and train desirable alternatives using positive force-free methods.

Behavioural Consulting



Taking the training 'on the road' presents distractions and challenges that often don't occur during classes.


These walks provide you with the tools to work through these challenges to find the best solutions, turning Taxing Treks into Relaxing Rambles

1-2-1 Working Walks


Jen Jen reviewed Watchdogs Of Whitesmith

6 December 2017 *****

"Adele really made a difference in helping us to understand how to interpret Tulip's behaviours and how to respond - Tulip is a rescue dog; the individual sessions made all the difference in terms of recall and helping Tulip to bond with us - would highly recommend"


Tracey Roberts - Lott reviewed Watchdogs of Whitesmith
31 October 2017 *****

"Adele is a fabulous dog trainer / dog owner trainer. The few things Adele taught us before moving away have been invaluable to us. Stop, stay, and perfect recall!!
I can’t recommend her highly enough!!"

Paul Milner reviewed Watchdogs Of Whitesmith
12 June 2017 *****

"I was having a devil of a time with my two scent hounds and found Adele by pure chance. Eight months later my older dog, who had issues greeting new dogs is a positive pleasure it be with again and greets new dogs confidently and happily. My younger hound had zero recall and after I had been trained properly, we now are able to walk without fear of her disappearing over the hills, but still be able follow and work scents to her hearts content. She too had greeting issues and the same technique used with my older dog have her too greeting new dogs with confidence and control. Adele was a pleasure to work with and I always had confidence in her methods, which I still use to this day."


Caroline Eley reviewed Watchdogs Of Whitesmith

13 December 2017 *****

Lovely to find a positive gundog trainer. Adele is a great trainer and lovely person. Highly recommended

Michelle Jones reviewed Watchdogs Of Whitesmith

29 November 2016 *****

Watchdogs... What can I say, Adele and her adorable gang provide the best care for your dog that you could ever wish for. We completely trust Adele looking after our fur baby and she loves joining them for walks and sleepovers... Watchdogs take the stress of going on holiday away from us.
Thank you xxxx


Lesley Hudson reviewed Watchdogs Of Whitesmith.

30 April 2016 *****

I had 1-2-1 lessons providing basic gun dog training for my adolescent Golden Retriever. Adele uses only positive reinforcement and provided many useful tips on dealing with his behaviour which helped immensely. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her

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07979 957931

Please fill out the form if you would like further information about our training and facilities.


Our location is on the Google Maps link below and you can also follow us on Facebook.   We offer a large on-site parking area for our customers.

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